Mark Ruffalo posted hilarious Avengers behind-the-scenes pics of hulk

The Avengers star, Mark Ruffalo recently shared some behind the scenes pictures in his Hulk Costume at the sets of Avengers. The pictures are not only hilarious, but they also reveal the magic of CGI effects.

Mark Ruffalo posted the behind the scenes pics from Avengers on his Instagram account with a hilarious caption, “Don’t skip leg day”. He is wearing the Hulk’s chest piece in pictures that he posted. Mark Ruffalo looks extremely small in Hulk’s chest piece that is transformed by CGI later.

Mark Ruffalo played the role of HULK in the Avengers franchise and the actor is famous for his character as well as leaking spoilers of Avengers (by accident).

Check out the pictures below:
Mark Ruffalo wearing his HULK costume chest piece in pics from avengers set behind the scenes
Mark Ruffalo posing in his HULK costume chest piece in pics from avengers set behind the scenes

Before Endgame premiere, Ruffalo admitted that he was given a dummy script. He previously leaked the spoilers accidentally, So it is not a surprise that he got a dummy script for infinity war as a safety measure by the Marvel studios.

Ruffalo stated that in one of the alternative endings his character died. He said that before the premiere he didn’t know if his character would stay in the next Avengers or not. But as we all know, his character is not killed in the actual film.

Although, Mark is not the only one who got a dummy script. Tom Holland also previously exposed some big spoilers of avengers accidentally. Therefore, the spiderman star is always given a dummy script. All measures are taken by the studio to avoid any spoilers.

But, Tom Holland will not get another chance to leak any spoilers even by accident in the future as Spider-Man is leaving Marvels.

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