15 off the charts adorable kids in Halloween costumes

The spooky season is here! It’s Halloween! Everyone is dressing up in spooky costumes, but these cute little angels are too busy looking adorable. Just take a look at these off the charts adorable kids in Halloween costumes.

1. Harry Potter ⚑ Halloween costume

This cute little Harry Potter is definitely gonna charm everyone with his cuteness spell. Agree?

an adorable toddler in harry potter costume for halloween
credit: lifebuzz

2. Minions Halloween costumes

These 3 adorable little kids in minion halloween costumes are gonna steal your heart! The cuteness is tripled in this pic.

3 siblings in minions costumes from minions 2 movie for halloween
source: n/a

3. Baby Penguin from Happy feet

Do you know what is more adorable than a penguin? a baby in a penguin costume! Awww, just look at this adorable little baby in Penguin costume from Happy feet movie.

an adorable little kid in a penguin halloween costume
source: costume-works.com

4. Baby Dwight from The Office

How can anyone resist this cute little version of Dwight Schrute from The office? Isn’t this such an easy DIY Halloween costume idea for your kids?

adorable kid in dwight schrute attire for halloween
source: Instagram/FieldsofHoney

5. Baby Jack-Jack from The Incredibles

This baby Jack-Jack should come with a caution sign like Warning: Cuteness Overloaded! Agree? Isn’t this such a perfect Halloween costume for your toddler?

adorable little kid in jack-jack from the incredibles halloween costume
source: twitter/thechirpingmoms

6. This adorable Baby version of Spider-man

Isn’t it the cutest thing ever! This kid in a spiderman costume is totally killing it with the adorable looks. Don’t you agree?

source: Instagram/chillinwithganzito

7. Olaf costume from Frozen

Doesn’t this little Olaf melts your heart just looking at him! Frozen 2 New trailer has released and I am too excited to see Olaf. But this is certainly the most adorable Olaf I have ever seen. The expressions of this baby in the pic are a cherry on top. Agree?

little kid wearing the Olaf costume from the movie frozen
source: Instagram @_stefany_62

8. Pika-chu 😘 !

This super cute kid in a Pikachu costume makes me wanna kiss its cheeks so much. Such a cutie-pie! I think I’ll die of this overdose of cuteness but, no complaints 😍 .

cutest little chubby kid in a pikachu costume
source: costume-works.com

9. Pinocchio’s wish came true

Looks like Pinocchio’s wish to become a real boy came true. I’d be lying if I said this cute little kid’s Pinocchio costume is not on point πŸ‘πŸ”₯ Right?

little kid wearing a Pinocchio costume
source: n/a

10. Russell costume from Up movie.

Awww! This little guy is definitely on a special mission to be looking sooooo cute in this Russell costume from Up movie. He is definitely the winner of the Kawaii award in my heart for being so cute.

a little guy wearing russell costume from the movie up
credit: styletic.com

11. A Friendly Spider πŸ•·

hELP! I am Sooo trapped by this lovable little spider. Look out for this cute little crawly creature. Like seriously, have you ever seen a baby spider being so adorable?

little girl in an octopus like spider costume
source: n/a

12. Boo from Monsters Inc.

Peek-A-Boo! it’s Baby Boo from Monsters Inc. The resemblance of this little girl is really incredible, Agree?

little girl in baby-boo costume from monsters inc movie
source: n/a

13. A happy angry-bird

Who can stop obsessing over this little angry bird hatchling? I bet no one can stay angry at this happy little angry bird. agree?

little kid wearing angry bird halloween costume next to an angry bird stuffed toy
source: Instagram/georgiaamthomas

14. Dobbie from Harry Potter

I would definitely not wanna let go of such a cute Dobbie if I had one.

adorable little kid in a dobbie costume from harry potter movie for halloween
source: costume-works.com

15. Miguel from Coco

I definitely wanna hear what he’s gonna sing. I bet he’s gonna be the star of any show he will perform in. 😊

little boy cosplaying in a halloween costume as miguel from coco movie
source: instagram/zheng1425

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