Google launched a new optimization feature to help you find “what to see” more easily

Google is always working on improvements for making its user experience the best search experience that is out there. Google’s new optimization feature will help you pick out – what to watch and where to watch it, even more easily now. Google has just launched a new optimization feature in the US today.

What does the new feature do?

This new feature will help you find and decide what to watch and where to watch it.

We all struggle with the decision of what to watch after we are done with a series. But now, choosing what to watch will be a bit easier to find. It happens with all of us. We get ready to watch something interesting and when we search there are so many options on different apps. Most of our time is wasted on browsing.

With the new feature, Google will directly recommend you shows across different apps. In simple words, you can find all the shows in one place. Google will recommend which show is available to watch with your existing subscriptions. Now, you won’t have to navigate through various apps to find where the show you want to watch is available.

As the new seasons of your favorite shows are coming soon, this feature will be really helpful.

How does the new optimization feature launched by Google works?

When you search “what to watch” on your phone, Google will automatically recommend you shows in “Top picks for you” carousel. All you need to do is click on “Start” and you can start rating movies and tv shows that you would be interested in. You can just swipe right and left to choose what interests you (like in tinder) and you can always come back to previous recommendations too. There’s also an option to skip a recommendation if you don’t have any opinion on some shows so, this will help google improve the recommendation quality too.

There will be more features which will help you choose genre-specific tv show and movies according to your mood. Once you decide what to watch just click on the show. Google will show a list of providers where you can stream it free, rent or purchase it. You just need to make sure to select what subscriptions you already have like – Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, and CBS All Access, etc. This will make the search results to be better customized for you.

So, be ready to get snuggly this fall to watch your favorite shows or maybe you will find a new favorite.

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