Frozen 2: New trailer is releasing on Monday

It’s official! Frozen 2 New trailer is releasing on Monday 23rd September. Walt Disney posted the update on Twitter on Friday, Sep 20th.

The new trailer will be unveiled by Good Morning America (GMA).  

GMA posted the update on their official account on Friday captioning:

“MONDAY ON @GMA: We’re going to unveil the new @disneyfrozen 2 trailer FIRST ON GMA on Monday! Make sure to tune in! #Frozen2 ”

The first Frozen movie left some questions unanswered but the official Frozen trailer in June promised to answer some of these questions. The official trailer’s caption revealed the plot of the 2nd movie.

“Why was Elsa born with magical powers? The answer is calling her and threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she’ll set out on a dangerous but remarkable journey. In “Frozen,” Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In “Frozen 2,” she must hope they are enough.”

So, we can hope to see this mystery unveil for sure. Fans are super excited for the sequel that is coming out this year. So if you are a true fan don’t forget the Frozen 2 New trailer is releasing this Monday.

The first teaser trailer of Frozen 2 released earlier this year in Feb, shedding some light on what will consist of the 2nd film of Frozen Franchise.


Are there new characters in Frozen 2 new trailer?

The Anna voice star Kristen Bell and the teasers revealed that there will be some fresh characters in the Frozen sequel. So perhaps the new trailer will shed some light on these new characters.

Frozen 2 will be featuring the voices of Idina Menzel (as Elsa), Kristen Bell (As Anna), Jonathan Groff (as Kristoff),  Josh Gad (as Olaf), in addition to the new characters – Evan Rachel Wood (as Iduna), Sterling K. Brown (as Lieutenant Matthias), and Santino Fontana (as Hans), as per IMDB

The new characters are:
'iduna', the new character in frozen 2 movie, standing in the woods in autumn
IDUNA ( Evan Rachel Wood ) – source imdb
Anna with new character Lieutenant Matthias standing in the woods from frozen 2 movie
Lieutenant Matthias ( Sterling K. Brown ) – source @disneyfrozen

Although it’s not clear how the devious, power-hungry Prince ‘Hans’ fits into the plot of Frozen 2 but Santino Fontana will be the voice of the villain, according to reports. Anna and Elsa’s parents will also play a part in the upcoming movie as the Walt Disney teasers have suggested.  

“Frozen 2” by Walt Disney Animation Studios will hit the theaters in the U.S. on Nov. 22, 2019.

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