Joaquin Phoenix starred Joker Final Trailer Released

The Final Trailer of Joker just released and it didn’t fail to build the hype for Joker movie fans. The movie will be shedding some light on joker’s past. Joaquin Phoenix is playing the role of Joker. The Final released trailer for Joker has the aura of mystery surrounding this movie.

From the trailer, we can say that Phoenix is definitely a great choice for Joker’s character. It will be interesting to watch Joaquin Phoenix’s much-anticipated portrayal of the Joker.

Todd Phillips, the writer-director of the movie, explained that the movie is based on one becoming joker and the storyline does not follow the comic books exactly, rather it’s a journey of a man who is led by his environment to become Joker. He expressed that the story is not about Joker himself.

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker looking up in the new released trailer poster of joker movie

In an interview, he mentioned that he and his team were curious about where a guy like Joker originates and therefore, they wrote their own version of joker’s origin rather than digging through the comic character’s origin in comics.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is very different from Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker. This version of Joker is a stand-alone movie from DCEU as there are many different versions of Joker in the Multiverse of DC Comics.

The movie is making its way to theaters on October 4th.

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