Here’s Why Facebook WhatsApp And Instagram were down

Imagine a life without Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram…

Can you?

Well, I certainly cannot imagine a life without Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp anymore.

And I am ready to bet that I wasn’t the only one who felt like this when all three went down last week. The outage was reported worldwide according to downdetector.

The global outage made everyone realize how much we are habitual of using these social media platforms.

Many fans turned to Twitter and posted some hilarious tweets to express their feelings about the outage.

But do you know the reason Why Facebook WhatsApp And Instagram were down?

Well, if you don’t know yet then you are about to find out why.

The reason behind the outage was a ‘Routine Maintenance’ operation.

Are you wondering why this resulted in an outage? they always do routine maintenance without any issues, right?

The answer is that this time during the routine maintenance a bug was triggered unknowingly which caused the problem in uploading images and videos on these platforms.

In a way, I felt like I was Neo from Matrix when I could see the metatags that Facebook classifies our pictures in.

Matrix Movie scene where neo sees everything as green binary code on black background

It was weird to see the way pictures were classified by Facebook’s AI Technology.

It was shocking to see no pictures loading on Instagram. Here’s a funny tweet that someone posted about Instagram down and I couldn’t help myself but share it.

A lot of people are wondering if this is how Facebook targets its ads relevantly. The answer is unclear though.

The outage made the social media fans outraged and I think we can all agree that the situation could have been handled better.

Even businesses were affected by the outage and had to postpone their social media campaigns due to this problem.

Hopefully, the platforms will be better prepared to handle any such situations in the future.

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