Instagram tests a new update of hiding people’s likes

Instagram announced in May that it will be introducing a new update that will be hiding the number of likes on people’s Instagram posts. The hidden likes are still available for the owner of the account to see. Now, Instagram has started the testing of this new update by hiding likes counts in several countries.

The testing started in Canada. The platform hid the number of likes on Instagram users’ profile in the default setting and the users had to select the option to display the likes publicly if they wanted to opt-out.  

The test is being expanded now to 6 more countries including Australia, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Japan, and New Zealand.

Some users are not happy with this new update and are posting #InstagramDELETE tweets which are trending on twitter. A few weeks ago the social giant was trending because of a worldwide outage.

On the other hand, some users think it’s a great update that would make the platform more positive for people’s mental and emotional health. The number of likes does put negative pressure on some people when they see other people getting many likes while they are not getting as many likes on their posts.

Instagram said that they wanted to make the platform better and wanted that people would focus more on the Images and Video content rather than the number of likes.

Although some others also disagree because they believe this gives the platform more influence to control people’s Instagram feed.

This new update will certainly make the platform more secure for people to post their images and videos without worrying about the likes.

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