Tinder introduced a new LGBTQ-friendly update

Tinder has rolled out a new LGBTQ-friendly update known as The Traveler alert. The update will work to protect the people of the LGBTQ+ Community.

The new Tinder LGBTQ-friendly update will warn them whenever they are traveling to nations where their sexual orientation is deemed a criminal act.

Even though, more and more nations are recognizing the need to decriminalize it. There are still some nations who deem same-sex relationships as an unnatural criminal act.

The app will now warn the users, who identify as lesbians, gays, bisexual, trans or queer when they travel to any such countries where same-gender relationships are punishable by law.

When a user from LGBTQ+ enters a place that is not LGBTQ-friendly they will get an alert. They will get the notification – “Based on your geographical location it appears you’re in a place where the LGBTQ+ Community may be penalized.”.

Example of how the lgbtq-friendly safety update will send notification for LGBTQ+ people in Tinder app
source: Tinder blog

The new LGBTQ-friendly update aims to avoid any such cases.

How does the Traveler Alert work?

The update works by hiding the user’s who identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ community. It gives the user the option to hide their profile if they enter anti-LGBTQ areas.

Tinder previously showed the profile automatically when a user traveled to other nations. But as per the new update, the users’ profile will not be visible automatically when they arrive in a country that discriminates with LGBTQ+ people.

The user may choose to make their profile public again. Although the update will hide their gender identity and their sexual orientation until they have left that place.

Tinder is making efforts to protect their LGBTQ+ users from hostile groups and law enforcement who might target these people.

International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association’s (ILGA’s) executive director André du Plessis, complimented Tinder’s efforts to warn its users and prioritize their safety. Tinder worked with ILGA World Organisation to specify which areas to include in their warning list.

Some of the major countries where same-gender relationships are considered criminal act includes – Iran, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia.

Tinder has updated its safety tips with relevant information regarding the new update.

The update will be available for Android and iOS in a few days according to tinder’s blog.

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