Twitter Global Outage; Everything we know so far

Following a week after the major outage of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp now it’s Twitter’s turn. Due to a global Twitter outage, Twitter has been displaying an error message since morning. Twitter and Reddit both are facing global outage due to unknown technical issues.

The cause of this Twitter outage is unknown but it has impacted major parts of America, Asia, and Europe as per reports from Down detector. Tweets are not loading worldwide in many places due to the outage.

Recent weeks have witnessed some pretty major and Frequent social media outages. This morning Reddit went down and following Reddit Twitter also went down.

Since the last two months outages have occurred at Google, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, AT&T, even the down detector and WhatsApp.

The people worldwide have been facing these outages frequently.

Twitter down status can be checked at their status page. They updated that they are investigating the problem.

People usually head on to twitter to complain about such situations but now that twitter is down no one knows where they should complain about it.

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